Sex Worker Videos Addressing Trafficking


Collateral Damage: Sex Workers and the Anti-Trafficking Campaigns from Carol Leigh
This work-in-progress is a website database of short segments, designed for class discussions.  The extensive project offers a historical view of U.S. 19th century anti-trafficking campaigns and a survey of contemporary trafficking portrayals in the media. Students can review the short 1 minute videos in the right column, designed for classroom discussion. For more information and study materials contact the website.

Just Sign on The Dotted Line- The Anti-Prostitution Loyalty Oath from Carol Leigh

“Just Sign on The Dotted Line: The Anti Prostitution Loyalty Oath,” a video by Carol Leigh, narrated by Cosi Fabian, presents a history of a policy regulating provision of foreign aid for health and safety. The policy requires that recipients of USAID funds sign an oath that they will not support sex workers’ rights. This policy is a telling example of how the U.S. exports repressive ideologies through conditions set for foreign aid recipients.

Sex Worker Festival Movie Archives (searches trafficking in the archive)

This collection of movies was screened by the San Francisco Sex Worker Festival (or part of other sex worker collections) and includes a wide range of sex worker rights based movies addressing trafficking as well as a couple of problematic ‘culprits.’  Contacts are also provided.

Sexworkerspresent from Asia Pacific Network of $ex Workers
A multitude of videos made by sex workers from around the world! Sex workers give their perspectives on laws, and policies, share their views and tell their stories. Network of Sex Work Projects

Bad Rehab
Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers Karaoke -Sing along to the new song about raid, rescue and the anti-trafficking fraudster Somaly Mam.

Cambodia’s New Anti-trafficking Law: Sex Workers Speak Out
A new anti-trafficking law has been passed in Cambodia. It defines all sex work as trafficking and makes all sex work illegal. Thousands of women are now out of work as police close down brothels and crack down on street workers.


“Empower uses art and cultural performances as expression; to inspire a process of reflection and questioning, where people challenge the traditional beliefs they hold, and explore creating new traditions where recognition and acceptance of differences gives value to the inclusion of each individual  as an important part of the whole.”

LastRescue in Siam
This is the first film ever made by sex workers in Thailand. It is a short black and white movie inspired by the tradition of the old silent movies.

Save us from Saviours is the slogan of the sex worker collective Veshya Anyay Mukti Parishad (VAMP). VAMP has been providing HIV and development interventions since 1996. In 2011 VAMP decided to commission a film to tell their story. They were sick and tired of the inaccurate portrayals of their lives and wanted to show how coming together to press for change had transformed the way that they saw themselves and how the community responded to them. Save Us from Saviours is the result.

Save Us From Saviours