Commentary and Supplements: U.N. Protocol & U.S. TVPA


Annotated Guide to The Complete UN Trafficking Protocol
Thorough comprehensive analysis and discussion of this document. Essential background for any investigation of this subject.

Commercial Sex Information Services : Commentary On The Draft Protocol To Combat International Trafficking

Trafficking in Meaning: Law, Victims, and the State by Alicia W. Peters (March 2011)
Detailed history of political climate surrounding drafting of TVPA, paid for by funds from U.S. Department of Justice, but never released by them.

Global Network of Sex Work Projects Commentaries

“Historically, anti-trafficking measures have been more concerned with protecting women’s ‘purity’ than with ensuring the human rights of those in the sex industry. This approach limits the protection afforded by these instruments to those who can prove that they did not consent to work in the sex industry. It also ignores the abusive conditions within the sex industry, often facilitated by national laws that place (migrant) sex workers outside of the range of rights granted to others as citizens and workers.”

Sexual Exploitation: Definition from Global Alliance Against Trafficking in Women

Analysis of Application of United States Trafficking Victims Protection Act to Sex Work by Carol Leigh

International Human Rights Law Group on Trafficking

Human Rights Standards for the Treatment of Trafficked Persons

Anti-Slavery International
“…despite police and government claims that they do focus their attention on traffickers, in practice we receive consistent information from many countries that victims of trafficking and women involved in prostitution are victims of double jeopardy when they fall into the hands of the police – and are in turn punished as illegal migrants or illegal practitioners of prostitution when in fact they are victims of serious human right violations.”