Collections-Featured Resources: Trafficking, Sex Worker Rights, Labor Migration


Laura_Agustin_ReflectThe Naked Anthropologist
Dr. Laura Agustín on Migration, Sex work,  Trafficking and the Rescue Industry. Dr.  Agustín’s blog presents detailed examinations of current issues in this field. Her years of research and writing in this field are an essential resource on these topics.


Open Democracy: Beyond Trafficking and Slavery

Important collection of recent essays, primarily academic. “…an editorial partnership between openDemocracy and researchers from Africa, Asia, America, Australia and Europe. It challenges both the empty sensationalism of mainstream media accounts of exploitation and domination, and the hollow, technocratic policy responses promoted by businesses and politicians.”

Interdisciplinary Project on Human Trafficking
“… public debate, particularly on trafficking, is too often simplistic, failing to take account of human aspirations, agency and experiences. With this website we seek to provide access to the best scholarship, activism and reform efforts involving these urgent issues.”

From Bleeding Hearts to Critical Thinking
Groundbreaking collection of student work, essays deconstructing anti-trafficking frameworks, from a public forum at York University. (November 2012).

Publications from Butterfly: Asian and Sex Workers Migrant Network (Canada)
Extensive collection of Canadian based reports on conditions of individual migrants as well as Covid Reports. Includes “UNDERSTANDING MIGRANT SEX WORKERS MIGRATION + SEX WORK ≠ TRAFFICKING” 


Migration, Trafficking and Sex Work: Links and Papers from Laura Agustin
This is an earlier collection of Dr. Agustín’s work.