Human Rights: Recommendations and Reports


UNAIDS Reference Group on HIV and Human Rights: ISSUE PAPER FOR THE SESSION: HIV, sex work and human rights – Fifteenth meeting | 4-6 December 2013

“Though long recognized as important agents in local, national and global HIV responses, sex workers in many countries remain burdened by human rights abuse and social exclusion. They continue to face disproportionate HIV risk because of their marginalization and criminalization and are often excluded from policy and programme decision-making.”

Global Commission Report on HIV and The Law (sex worker recommendations only) or full report(July 2012)
“3.2.4 Ensure that the enforcement of anti-human-trafficking laws is carefully targeted to punish those who use force, dishonesty or coercion to procure people into commercial sex, or who abuse migrant sex workers through debt bondage, violence or by deprivation of liberty. Anti-human-trafficking laws must be used to prohibit sexual exploitation and they must not be used against adults involved in consensual sex work.”

Toward a legal framework that promotes and protects sex workers’ health and human rights by Cheryl Overs, Bebe Loff (September 2013)
“We identify “lack of recognition as a person before the law” as an important but undocumented barrier to accessing services and conclude that multi-faceted, setting-specific reform is needed—rather than a singular focus on decriminalization—if the health and human rights of sex workers are to be realized.”

From Sex Work to Entertainment and Trafficking: Implications of a Paradigm Shift for Sexuality, Law and Activism in Cambodia by Cheryl Overs (September 2013)
IDS Evidence Report 23, “It argues that re-configuration of the institutions and networks that represent sex workers and victims of trafficking in Cambodia is needed; that grants from international donors should be made to local, member-driven organisations; and recommends that the government revise its definition of trafficking and sexual exploitation.”

Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women North American Report 2004
This report contradicts US estimates of number of trafficked persons and presents a more balanced account of US efforts.

Analysis of the TVPA: Contemporary Anti-Trafficking Legislation in the United States.

Was story about sexual trafficking exaggerated?

Harvard Journal: Re/productions: Issue #2, Dedicated to the Discourses on Trafficking, Sex-work & Prostitution