Conferences: Audio and Video Resources


From Prosecution to Empowerment (February 2013)
“Addressing the problem of human trafficking in this conference are legal advocates, community representatives and scholars who have worked directly with vulnerable migrant groups including domestic workers, farm workers and sex workers – individuals who are most vulnerable to human trafficking. The main goals of the conference are to situate the war on trafficking in the broader struggle for migrant human rights, to bring civic leaders from different sectors into conversation, and to begin to develop policy recommendations.”
Presented by USC Center for Feminist Research, USC Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration (CSII), and USC Department of Sociology. This link provides video documentation of the entire conference.

Symposium on Human Trafficking: A Day of Learning presented by Council on Foreign Relations
A three-part symposium on human trafficking explored the social, political, and economic factors that underlie human trafficking; the links between international peacekeeping and trafficking; how trafficking intersects with public health issues; and the U.S. government’s policy responses to trafficking. The audio overview featuring Ann Jordan and Jyoti Sanghera is particularly informative.